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Congregation Anshei Chesed

1170 Williams Street, Hewlett, NY 11557

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Kol Nidre Appeal


Throughout the High Holidays we repeat the refrain that Teshuva, Tefilah and Tzedakah are a tri-part tool that help us in our personal growth and connection to Hashem. We are fortunate to live in a generous community where there is Tzedakah given out all around us and in so many ways..


We are all aware of the special congregation that Anshei Chesed is. It is an intimate, warm and “out of town” community with a dedicated clergy that support the congregation. There are convenient minyanim where we can daven with our friends. We offer shiurim over the course of the week and especially on Shabbos.

We are looking forward to running wonderful programming and hosting talented speakers this coming year. For our children we run fantastic youth groups along with our highly acclaimed Shabbos afternoon Pirchei. In addition to these services there is the general upkeep of the Shul which includes the rental fees.


All the above services take time and money. If you have benefited from the services of the Shul, its clergy and lay leadership we ask that at you make the Shul a priority in your Tzedakah giving.


This year we need your help more than ever. Many of our members and daveners continue to struggle with their own finances.


If you are not a member but do you use the Shul’s minyanim and the services the Shul offers it is a wonderful time to show your appreciation by setting aside money for a full membership or at least an associate membership.


This year's goal for our Yom Kippur Appeal is 100% participation. Whatever amount you can pledge, large or small, you will be securing a personal stake in the future of our Shul. Start the year off with a positive feeling, knowing you've done your part to ensure Anshei Chesed's continued success.


Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz             Rabbi Dr. Aaron  Glatt            Rabbi Issac Rice



Yomim Noraim Seating

The Seating Process: 5779/2018
As you may know, the Yeshiva just recently substantially changed the configuration of the Men's section, replacing the benches with tables and chairs, among other things. (Thankfully, the Women's section was not affected by this change.) This will obviously impact the way in which Men’s seats are configured and assigned going forward. Given this, the Men’s seating will necessarily be somewhat different than it was in past years. We will do our best to keep things similar to last year's arrangement but please recognize that it will not be possible in all circumstances. We thank you in advance as we work through this much more challenging seating process and ask for your patience and understanding.
This Motzei Shabbos, September 1st, the Treasurer and Seating Coordinator will be available in the Shul to answer any questions as well as clear up any balances that you may have. They will be available from 9:30 P.M. until 10:30 P.M
In an effort to streamline and simplify the process, we encourage you to complete your Seating Form online and make payment directly on the Shul’s website. (This option is only available if you pay online.)
Completing an online Seating Form is fast and easy but will not obviate the need to settle your outstanding Shul balance (or make appropriate arrangements to do so). For your convenience, outstanding balances can also be paid online together with the seating payment. As always we will try to honor location requests but cannot guarantee to do so.
Online seating requests are fast and easy and provide an immediate confirmation of your submissions. A manual Seating Form is also available using the Shul's official form attached.
All seating requests MUST be made using the Shul’s official Seating Form (either online or hard copy). This form will is also available on the Shul's Website located at
Seating requests not made on a proper Shul Seating Request Form or those forms sent after the deadline or manual forms not sent to the location on the form may not be processed. Send manual forms to the address on the form NOT anywhere else, not even the Shul's PO box.
Prior seating assignments will only be honored (to the extent reasonably practicable) for those Members whose accounts are current or has made appropriate arrangements to bring their account current by September 5th. After such date, all unassigned seats may be made available to others, including those seats that were reserved by Members in prior years.
Absent extraordinary circumstances, any financial arrangement will require the deposit of “head checks” together with a properly completed Payment Plan Form. The Shul administration is mindful that situations involving money require a certain degree of sensitivity. With that said, if for any reason you are unable to pay your statement balance in full, please communicate your special needs to Michael Nadata at or the shul treasurer at, in confidence, and the Shul will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your situation.
Attached please find a hard copy of the Shul's Seating Form and Payment Plan form.
Questions and forms MUST be emailed to
The Seating Committee
Sat, September 22 2018 13 Tishrei 5779