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Anshei Chesed is a Shul where the Rabbis and membership know and care for one another, situated in the sprawling Five Towns community, which is blessed with the multiplicity of amenities, communal organizations and support for Orthodox life that a Torah community should have. Led by Rabbi Simcha and Rebbetzin Shani Lefkowitz for 40 years, Anshei Chesed is also privileged to have Rabbi Isaac Rice as a spiritual leader. Our rabbis are available for our shaylos, our needs and provide inspiration, wisdom and chizuk in our religious lives.


We are a Shul known, and literally named for, the care and concern we exhibit for one another. We are a shul that loves learning Torah, attending the outstanding shiurim by our rabbis, and availing ourselves of the Torah resources around us. We are a shul with various davening options, where people can daven how they would like. We are a shul that offers its members an exquisite Shabbos experience, entering a different spiritual dimension with lively and melodious davening, uplifting shiurim and drashos, and professional programs for our children, both on Shabbos morning and afternoon.


Our special kehillah's uniqueness is also in the diversity of our membership. We truly represent a cross-section of the community, having members of all ages, sending kids to a multiplicity of different schools, and hailing from very different backgrounds and locations.


We invite you to come and meet us, and we welcome you to join us.


Please email with any questions

Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784