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Pesach 2021


Congregation Anshei Chesed

1170 William Street Hewlett New York 11557


Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz

אדר תשפ"א                                                                                                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                   March 12, 2021  


Dear Member, a"ung,

             In keeping with proper protocol Congregation Anshei Chesed will be offering its members the opportunity to process their Mechiras Chometz forms online.  Please go to and carefully submit your form.  Please read the form very carefully and fill the places that must be filled in.  If you will be acting as the agent for someone who cannot himself or herself come, please try to get that person to fill out and sign the form themselves.  If this is not possible, then make sure that they have appointed you verbally to act in their behalf and you fill out the form for them.  If need be fill out more than one form.  Your electronic consent is sufficient.

          This is not a document of sale but rather a transfer of power of attorney.  With the signing of this form, you are giving the Rabbi the permission and right to sell your Chometz to a non-Jew.

          For this to work and in order that you do not come to own Chometz on Pesach you must understand that you are signing a legal and binding document and that the Rabbi will be selling the Chometz to the non-Jew with a valid sale.  These transfers and sales conform to the halachic laws of sale and transfer and conform to the American law of sale and transfer.

          On the form you must include all places that you own, lease, occupy or rent.  This includes your office, vacation home and any property that is owned by you and is not occupied by another party.

          You will also be giving the non-Jew the right to enter your home at any time so that he may visit or partake of his Chometz.  The cabinets, drawers or closets that will contain Chometz should be sealed with a string or tape.  This serves as a way of describing where the Chometz will be and as a reminder to you on Pesach that these places are off limits.

          In addition to Chometz and items that contain Chometz you also must sell the Chometz that is stuck on or baked into the plates, dishes and pots that have been used all year for Chometz purposes.  These items should be placed in a specific area and sealed with tape or string, as mentioned before.

          If you are comfortable you should come to the Rabbi and a Hebrew document is then signed and a "Kinyan Suddor" (picking up of the handkerchief) is done.  This then completes the transfer of power of attorney to the Rabbi.  I would like to express again that this must be done with your full understanding and appreciation of the Mechiras Chometz process.

This year Erev Pesach is on Shabbos.  This poses several unusual circumstances that do not occur on any other year.  The following should serve as a brief outline of the Halachos that are pertinent to these specific days.


Thursday – March 25

Taanis Bechorim – Fast of the first-born.  The Shul will have a siyum Following the 6:20 AM Shacharis minyan.

Bedikas Chometz – We conduct the search for the Chometz after 8:12PM and the Bracha and Kol Chamira (same as usual) are said.  Any Chometz that is found is to be put away to be burnt on the following day.  One should also put away in a designated area any chometz to be eaten on Thursday night, Friday and Shabbos night and morning.

Friday – March 26

All Chometz that will yet be eaten should be placed in a disposable container away from all Pesach food.

Burning of the Chometz – The burning of the Chometz must take place before 11:00AM.  Kol Chamira is NOT said at the time of the burning.

Preparing for the Seder – Roast the Ze’roa (shank bone) and egg and make the charoses prior to Shabbos.  Check and clean lettuce leaves and grate the horseradish.  Food cooked for Shabbos should be kosher for Pesach and cooked in Pesach pots.  As daylight savings time has begun it would be advisable to have the Seder table set before Shabbos and eat on Shabbos in a different room to be able to begin the Seder as soon as possible.  It is also advisable to make the salt water and set the Seder plate before Shabbos.

Shabbos – March 27

Shabbos Davening -There will be only one Shacharis minyan in Shul beginning at 7:00 AM. 
This will allow the first Shabbos morning meal to be held immediately after davening, followed by a brief break (take a walk around the block, learn Hilchos Pesach, etc.), followed by an early Shalosh Seudos, to fulfill the obligation of having three meals with Lechem Mishneh (two breads) on Shabbos.

Shabbos Meals – The table should be set in a place where it is easy to sweep up any Chometz crumbs.  It is best that there not be a rug or carpeting under the table.  Be sure to make Kiddush and eat in the room where the Shabbos candles are burning.  Do not place the Shabbos candles on the table that you will be eating on because it will then be impossible to remove the crumbs from the table.  No Chometz may be eaten after 10:28AM.

As a matter of practicality, the Challah that you will be using should be placed on a tissue on a separate table covered with a disposable tablecloth.  It would be advisable to purchase soft Challah rolls to minimize the number of crumbs you may have to clean up.  All the Challah should be eaten carefully over the tissue and the remaining crumbs should be wrapped in the tissue and flushed down the toilet.  All disposable items used with the Chometz should be discarded in a trash bag and left in the street beyond the sidewalk.  You may not dispose of any Chometz in your own garbage can or leave it on your own property. 

After disposing of all Chometz one must recite the Kol Chamira.  This must be done before 11:44AM

Motzai Shabbos and the Seder

All preparations for Yom Tov and the Seder may not begin before 8:14PM. 


A Chag Kosher V'Somayach!

                                                                                                            Sincerely yours,

                                                                                                            Rabbi Simcha Lefkowitz

                                                              Rabbi  Aharon Glatt

                                                              Rabbi Issac Rice

Mon, November 29 2021 25 Kislev 5782