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Shiurim Schedule

Halacha Shiur given by Rabbi Bernstein - 8:15 AM
Daf Yomi given by Yitzi Stern following the Hashkama Minyan
Women’s Afternoon Shiur Given by special gust speakers
Rav Lefkowitz’s Gemara Shiur - 45 mins before Shabbos Mincha
Rabbi Rice’s Shalosh Seudos Series on Torah personalities (i.e. Gedolim)


Alternating Mondays
Rav Lefkowitz’s Novi Shiur - 8:30 PM
Contemporary Halachic Issues Shiur -  In conjunction with the Yeshiva Gedolah of the Five Towns, given by Rabbi Duvie Zomick - 8:00 PM


Gemora Beitzah Shiur given by Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt - 9:10 PM

   Rabbi Rice’s Halacha Shiur based on a topic that is in the coming week’s Parsha, the    upcoming Yom Tov or current events - 8:00 PM

Gemora Shabbos Shiur given by Rav Lefkowitz - 8:30 PM


Rosh Chodesh Shiur for Women
Given by Rabbi Rice
Sun, July 15 2018 3 Av 5778